Mobirise Unveils New V1.9 of its Web Design App with Parallax Scroll Effect and Background Video

Immediate Release

Netherland's based Mobirise has released the latest version of its website building software. The new version 1.9 adds "video as background" and parallax effect features.


[Press Release] Eindhoven, Netherlands - September 18, 2015 – Mobirise Best Website Builder is an easy-to-use Windows, OS X, and Android application that takes the approach of first-looking to what will work on mobile. Today's Internet user is used to viewing websites on their phones or tablets so by building a mobile-friendly website which will then translate to a PC works more effectively than creating something for PC which looks terrible on a phone. Mobirise is built off the Bootstrap 3 framework enabling developers to create responsive websites. Similar to some of the other web builders of the past that catered to non-mobile websites, Mobirise uses a building block, drop and drag approach to creating a page thus enabling even the non-tech to build a simple, sophisticated website. Given that Google now demands mobile-friendly web pages, Mobirise has their clients covered SEO-wise. Until recently, the only real criticism the company received from professional reviewers was that it was without some of the bells and whistles of other website builders. The latest release with css parallax scrolling and video background css has changed all that.

“We are definitely a company that seeks to constantly improve upon itself,” says Jorgen Bart, Product Director. “We started small and have been constantly adding features and trying to figure out how to provide features that will open the product up to a greater audience of users. We knew that top end websites are using video backgrounds and scrolling so that was first on our list of 'to dos' with this release.”

Mobirise is a free Web Design Software for both commercial and private use. It can be hosted anywhere from Google Drive to Github. The product has been designed so that people without any web-building experience can create a mobile-friendly website out-of-the-box with no coding involved whatsoever. Websites made from Mobirise will look modern and have the bells and whistles of more expensive websites built by developers. Users agree:

"I'm not a hard core developer, but I tried this thinking it would be similar to Wix or Weebly. It's actually easier to use, creates cleaner websites and because it's new, the website doesn't look like those standard templates used by some of the other big name tools. I used it to create a responsive website for my freelancer business and I couldn't be happier. Two thumbs up." Michael

"I'm really excited about this product. I've been building sites for a long time and can tell you this is an amazing tool for beginning and intermediate web designers. It can also be used by a complete novice to create something attractive. Not every business has thousands to spend on a website, especially in the beginning so I will give this tool and the company props for creating something that the average person can use to create their own website that still looks and feels modern and edgy.” Anita

For more information on the latest release or to download the Website Builder Software visit: http://mobirise.com/

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